Let Future Freedom Telecom shop for your high-speed internet service in your area and save hundreds of dollars!


     Canada: Prices starting at CAD $46.98/month!

        USA: Prices starting at US $24.99/month!

  Our internet promotions:


1- Get your internet service for free!

How to do?


1-Become an internet customer and refer 5 new customers


2-Your service becomes free and remains so as long as your 5 referrals remain subscribed!


*Promotion is available only in Canada. For US customers, Mobile phone service offers the same promotion*

1- Savings of $ 600 / year!


2- Get 6 months of Super Box Tv service for free!

How to do?

1- Subscribe to our internet service or any other service.

2- 6 free months of Super Box Tv will be given to you!

A value of $150 offered!


To benefit from the 6 months of Super Box Tv service, you do not need a super box device. The service will work on your smart TV, Android box, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Computer, Phone, Tablet, etc. !

Are you interested?

Contact us by phone or our live chat with your full address and we will verify the best value of internet service for your money in your area!

Do you have any questions?

Ask us your questions directly by calling us or on our live chat.